S&P 500

The index was created by Standard & Poor’s and is formed by calculating the price trend of the 500 companies with the largest capitalization in the United States. The securities of these companies are traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX markets

Among the main stocks that make up the S&P 500 index are: Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Berkshire Hathaway (by Warren Buffett), Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Exxon Mobil and other very important brands. While, if we go to see the most represented sectors, there is Information Technology with 20.7%, Pharmaceutical (15.0%) and Financial (13.6%).

Compared to the Dow Jones, the S&P index, being composed of a wider basket of securities, represents the situation of the financial markets of the United States in a more realistic way.

S&P 500 chart
From the graph we note the collapse that the index has had since February 19, 2020 (the day on which it touched 3,386.15 basis points), and the lowest price of 2,237.40 basis points recorded on March 23.

In the following weeks, the volume of business returned to over 2,800, as recorded on April 14 (2,846.06) and in the closing of April 17 (2,874.56).

Best American stocks 2020: economic analysis
Let’s now see what are the economic areas that have not suffered particular losses in 2020 or that have even increased revenues.

T elephony and connectivity . With domestic isolation, the demand for telephone contracts with greater conversation and connection margins has also increased. So not only longer and more frequent calls, but also the need for a fast and unlimited connection. Consumer needs have seen an increase in the following activities: distance learning, on demand entertainment services (Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, etc.), smart working, and much more.
Electronic devices . To support the activities listed above you need: latest generation mobile phones, tablets, computers and peripherals, and more.
S ervices on demand . Online entertainment services have seen a spike in subscriptions.
A limentari and hygiene . Purchases of food and hygiene products are experiencing a real golden age.
P electronic ayments . Given the recommendations of the WHO (World Health Organization), cash will be used less and less, with the widespread use of electronic cards and digital payments in general.
Online shopping . Not being able to devote ourselves to traditional shopping, we focus on online shopping for every kind of product.
F armaceutici and biomedicine . The attention of the whole world is directed towards these activities, from which results are expected both for effective treatment and for a vaccine (some are already experimenting on a clinical level).
The companies that will benefit from this situation will not only be those that operate directly in these sectors, but also those that produce supports for these activities. I am referring to companies that operate in telecommunication infrastructures, or companies that produce components for electronic devices (chips, micro chips, etc.), or companies with internet services and digital productivity (software, cloud computing, data centers, etc.) .

Best American stocks
The best American stocks 2020
As we said, some economic categories have not been affected by the crisis generated by COVID-19, and some are even registering greater confidence from investors.

So let’s see which companies saw their performance increase and therefore their revenues in the first quarter of 2020.

Best American stocks in 2020: Find out what they are now

What are the best American stocks to invest in 2020?

Although the current economic environment does not encourage savers to invest on the stock exchange, this could be an excellent time to make their savings profit in the long run.

It must be said that in the first quarter of 2020 we have witnessed collapses in financial markets all over the world. A mass sell off of securities due to the pandemic and the consequent economic uncertainties generated by the coronavirus. To give you some examples: the Dow Jones index lost -23%, worst performance since 1987; while the S&P 500 index recorded a loss of -20%, results that it has not seen since 2008.

A situation that certainly does not encourage investors.

Nonetheless, buying stocks remains a great choice to bet on, particularly if you plan to keep them for a long time. Furthermore, not all sectors are suffering negatively from the lockdown, indeed, as we will see later, there are those who have earned it.
The best American stocks 2020: the economic picture
As we said earlier and as I explained to you in the article Best Italian actions , there are sectors that are recording significant gains from this pandemic.

For example, according to data reported by Bloomberg, in the S&P 500 index, 31 stocks recorded revenues in the first quarter of 2020 (ended March 31). While the rest are all at a loss.

To better understand what has been the shock caused by the pandemic and how the US stock market is reacting, we see the trend of the main indices in the last year.

Dow Jones
This is the main index of the NYSE (the New York Stock Exchange), obtained by calculating the price of the 30 main securities traded on Wall Street. The Dow Jones includes: Apple, American Express, Boeing, Coca-Cola, IBM, Intel, McDonald’s, Walt Disney, Visa, Nike, Microsoft, and other very important brands.

Of course, with so few stocks we don’t have a complete picture of the stock market trend. However, the companies admitted to the calculation of this index are leaders in their sectors and therefore worthy representatives of their reference market.

Dow Jones chart
From the graph we note the collapse that the index has had since February 20, 2020 (the day on which it touched 29,219.98 basis points), and the lowest price of 18.591.93 basis points recorded on March 23.

In the following weeks, the volume of business returned to above 24,000, as recorded in the closing of 17 April.

How to set up your online grocery business with the store pickup facility?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a frightening situation worldwide. Businesses are experiencing a sharp fall and the global economy has plummeted due to the current crisis. While countries get stuck with almost everything being closed, stores that supply essential items such as food and pharmacy are still available so that people can meet their basic needs. This is the time when grocery retailers can bring their business online and give it a huge boost. In addition, you can set up the store pickup feature on your website using the Store Locator and Pick up module and manage your orders efficiently.

How does the online shop pickup form help?

The module allows you to add your retail stores on your website and allows customers to safely pick up the order at the desired time. This will help you avoid a large crowd near the shops and save customers a lot of time.

store the tracker and collect

You can configure pick-up times, upload your stores via CSV and do much more. More details are mentioned at the end of this blog post. The grocery business is currently the most advantaged in eCommerce among the Coronavirus epidemic. Due to high demand, many physical food stores have moved to the online platform. If you are also looking to take a shift and create an online grocery store, this article is made for you.

Did you know that online shopping grocery sales reached nearly $ 29 billion in the United States in 2019? It is expected to reach the mark of $ 60 billion by 2023, says S .

How to create your online grocery store?

To start an online grocery business, follow the steps below.

1. Register your business

The first thing to do when you are thinking of creating your online business is to register a business name. Think of a catchy brand. Buy a domain with that name along with the hosting plan. Next, you need to choose the desired eCommerce platform where you want to set up your grocery store, for example PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, etc. You must register your business legally to avoid problems as you may be involved in buying and selling goods.

2. Personalize your website

Personalize your website

You can customize the website design according to your tastes and preferences. From scratch, you can choose the theme, font, add banners etc. Wanted. In addition, you can create the navigation bar by highlighting product categories and subcategories and other important links. You will have the opportunity to customize a product page, a shopping cart page, a payment page, etc. Put simply, you will have all the options to design the website your way.

4. Set up payment methods

Now comes the main part of an eCommerce website, i.e. setting up payment methods. Just as you receive money in physical retail, a payment portal is needed from which the user can pay the amount. Different e-commerce platforms help you connect with different payment options .

5. Shipping and delivery settings

Once the payment options are connected, the next thing is to ship and deliver the products. Just like the payment options, you will also find different types of shipping options on different e-commerce platforms. Specify the shipping areas where products can be shipped. Choose the type of shipping options you want to provide to your customers such as Free Shipping , Flat Rate, In-Store Pickup, etc. You will also need to choose your courier partners to deliver your products.

The First Steps With Shopify

Today we talk about eCommerce, and more precisely of Shopify, the most used platform in the world, and of dropshipping, the best way to sell products without having to pay for them before selling them.

Shopify is a fully scalable system, and you can therefore earn more based on how much you invest in FB ads and various traffic strategies.

It is a very valid, efficient but also low cost system, and in my Shopify Easy course you will also find out how to use the platform for free until the 51st sale, which I reserve for my customers.

When you decide to open a shop on Shopify,  choose a valid domain name, which is the main keyword of your online shop.

The second step is to add important pages to the site, including the privacy policy, the terms and conditions (which can be found directly on Shopify) and thebout page, which talks about you and why you chose that type of business, of the fact that you take care of customers and that your products are of excellent quality.

Try to answer all the questions you would ask yourself if you arrived on your eCommerce, and to make your visitors feel in a place not only beautiful to see, but which gives a general opinion of a great website.

We need an email and a phone number to be made available to customers, just to give them that sense of security that 95% of all Shopify stores lack. This is a recurring problem, and personally I would never order where I cannot find a contact email for support. For example, for credit cards I use the McAfee service which gives much more security to the end user, also protecting their data when entering and sending to Shopify.

The Best Shopify Apps

Shopify will produce more results if used with the best apps, services that give your store all those functions that have not been integrated on the platform. Let’s see them together.

1 – Hurrify

This app costs $ 7 a month, and is a countdown, a countdown that indicates how long it is left for the customer to buy the product, or in any way to buy it at that discounted price. Very useful.

2 – Pop rooms

Completely free app, it allows you to view previously made sales on screen. Also widely used in online marketing to show the sales of a product, this is an app that you can not really do without on your store.

3 – Spin-a-Sale

Even though it costs around $ 9.95 per month, Spin-a-Sale is truly phenomenal for building a list of users interested in your products. In practice, when someone enters the site they are offered the opportunity to spin a roulette to win a prize, a discount. You will obviously decide the chances he has of winning, and what percentage discount. To spin the wheel, he must enter his email.

Why use a kitchen scale?

It is almost impossible to imagine a kitchen without a kitchen scale, digital or analog that it is, and the reason is simple: in some cases going to eye with the quantities of the ingredients, especially as regards the pastry, can compromise irreparably the success of the dish we are preparing.

Precisely for this reason we have decided to offer you a complete overview of the different types of kitchen scales for food and food, to allow an informed choice based on your daily culinary needs.

A bit of history of the balance

Libra has a long history: it is in fact one of the oldest tools used by man. One of the oldest testimonies, in fact, dates back to the ancient Egyptians, over 5,000 years ago: the god Anubis is often represented as weighing the soul of the dead, putting a feather on the other plate of the balance; in this way he decided whether to allow or deny the entry of the dead into the underworld.

Even the Greeks, as the Iliad testifies, knew this two-plate instrument (hence the name “balance”), while the Babylonians introduced the innovation of comparing the weight of the object to be weighed to that of a series of stones molded and polished standards.

Among the ancient Romans, instead, the steelyard was used, formed by an arm with a sliding weight, at the end of which there was a plate on which the object to be weighed was placed.

These weighing instruments then accompanied the history of civilization and, innovation after innovation, we finally came to modern digital kitchen scales.

Let’s take a step back: many of you will not consider the use of a kitchen scale indispensable, but we are sure that, after seeing some good reasons to use it, they will change their mind.

Almost nobody uses the scale to prepare their own workhorses, the dishes they can now cook practically with their eyes closed; but what if you want to experiment with a new recipe? Is it possible to adjust by eye with the quantities? Maybe yes, but the result is obviously not guaranteed: better to rely on a kitchen scale to amaze your guests with a perfectly balanced dish (it is appropriate to say it)!

One of the most obvious, but not obvious reasons, is the greater accuracy of weighing on the scale compared to alternative measuring methods for weighing foods without a scale , such as the cup, a “unit of measurement” used in some recipes and that can go from 100 to 200 grams. In short, a nice approximation that does not give many guarantees of a correct dosage of the ingredients of a culinary preparation, especially if we are talking about pastry.

What if we told you that using the scale also saves time? The measurement of the ingredients will always be precise and, thanks to the tare function (which we will see), also very fast.

In addition, using a kitchen scale also allows you to reduce food waste, allowing you to accurately estimate what quantity of ingredients you need to serve a meal to a certain number of people. In fact, according to FAO research, even a third of the food produced for human consumption is thrown away. In addition to not being ethical, it is also a waste of money, and those who work in the food sector know it well.

Those who follow a diet, then, need to weigh what they eat, so that they can make a precise calculation of the calories they eat. Again the importance of a good food weighing scale is fundamental.

The advantages of the paper agenda in the electronic age

Many believe that no one uses it anymore, that it is a “prehistoric” product and that it has no use, yet the paper agenda also resists in the digital age. In recent years the sale of diaries has increased; there will be a why, don’t you think?

Almost intimate staff

The paper agenda is a help, how to say, “respectful”: no intrusive notifications, no disturbing sounds when you are having breakfast with your child, no need to interrupt when you are talking to your wife or client: the paper agenda can stay “in its place” and wait for you to choose to consult it. And on the other hand, the sense of responsibility certainly does not arise from the latest technological support.

So why not think of concentrating on what we are doing, on the gaze of the person with whom we are talking, and devote a time decided by us to consult our agenda, without rings and various notifications?

Sometimes, we are so intoxicated with technology that we risk the collapse at the mere idea of ​​losing the phone. The paper agenda frees the mind, that’s why it survives, indeed it thrives, even in the digital age.

Your world entrusted to paper

What is written on the paper diary is forever, remains.

Think of the school diary, that diary where everything was written: commitments,   sentences, drawings, images and much of our life.

The paper agenda reminds us and reconstructs what we have done and, in a time in which everything escapes and vanishes, helps us to keep track of us, of a part of our feeling that we have entrusted to paper.

Synapse training

Writing with pen and paper keeps the mind trained and facilitates memorization, helps to focus priorities and become responsible for them.

It therefore seems that the time of retirement of the paper agendas is far to come. Do you want to put the emotion of touching, writing, scribbling, erasing on paper? And if the agenda is from Apis Italia, you can customize it with your logo.

Five advantages of using electronic money



What is electronic money?

Advantages of using electronic money

Do not get lost…

We have already announced that Italy will encourage the use of card payment as a measure to reduce tax evasion in the country. However, this is only one of the five advantages of using electronic money. Cash, although still in the lead, is gradually losing ground as a user-preferred payment system.

What is electronic money?

According to the European Central Bank, electronic money is a monetary value used for Internet transactions . It is an electronic substitute for the notes and coins that we know. In addition, this type of money is characterized by archiving on electronic media.

There are entities authorized to issue electronic money, called Electronic Money Entitie s (EDE), which are obliged to issue them at face value and this must be accepted as a means of payment by companies other than the issuer.

Leaving aside the debate on whether cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (decentralized virtual currencies) are considered electronic money or not, it should be noted that this is a very broad concept that includes any payment system that involves an electronic medium .

Therefore, depending on the medium used, it is possible to distinguish between the money connected to the card and the money of the software .

The first concerns payment instruments based on a card which generally tends to be a rechargeable prepaid card . Example: Bitsa Card , where the money is deposited in one of the EDE authorized in Spain and other European countries. Discover the benefits of a prepaid card without a bank account .

For its part, the second type, electronic money stored in a software format, allows transactions to be carried out without requiring additional software or hardware. E.g .: wallets or virtual wallets .

How to combine them: looks and outfits to inspire you

How to combine and wear slingbacks: looks and outfits to inspire you. Source: pinterest

This model is so versatile that you can really wear it with everything . For an elegant outfit you can combine slingbacks with a cigarette trousers and an important jacket, or you can combine them with your indispensable jeans.

Whether they are loose, frayed or torn, it doesn’t matter: this shoe has the exceptional power to make any garment elegant and refined . The final touch? If you want to make your look particular and original you can take inspiration from the concept of street style , and combine this elegant shoe with an oversized colored sweatshirt or an extra large sweater.

The slingbacks are also perfect in summer: they slender the legs if worn with shorts and miniskirts , otherwise you can also wear them under a pleated skirt , longer and more elegant. The classic model with a more rounded toe and thin heel is perfect for minimal and essential looks, where clean details such as white t-shirts, blouses in soft colors and simple lines triumph.

The more modern and contemporary models, on the other hand, with a geometric heel and a sharp toe, are ideal forcompleting more gritty outfits .

The slingbacks on the catwalks 2020

Slingbacks on the catwalks 2020: Carolina Herrera, Fendi and MSGM. Source: pinterest

Halfway between décolleté and sandals, slingbacks are the perfect shoes to complete the looks of the midseason, and this year they are in trend more than ever. In their 60-year history, stylists and designers see a classic and iconic model to be revisited and proposed according to their style and new female taste

Carolina Herrera opens the dance realizing a purely spring pink color model, with adjustable but pointed strap and with thin heel, while on the Fendi catwalk a truly original slingback has been spotted. With a rounded toe and a geometric heel , the Italian fashion house adds the buckle with logo on the upper part of the shoe and proposes this model in different pastel colors, all declined in their “powder” version.

The return of the sock, veiled and thin by Fendi, we find it white and terry also by MSGM, which offers a multicolor slingback , with kitten heel and bow on the front.

Types: from platform models to wedges

Platform, the classic espadrilles

The platform espadrilles, the most classic model. Source: asos

Platform espadrilles are the classic model, the most loved and most worn . Practical and comfortable, they are perfect at any time of the day, from early in the morning until late in the evening. In its new catalog ASOS Design inserts ” Jacey “, a bicolor model where the black tip contrasts the optical white surface.

Stradivarius , on the other hand, offers a pair of very romantic espadrilles : nude colored, the model has laces that tie at the ankle, and instead of being covered with the classic cotton canvas, these are made with original weaves on the front and continue on the opening on the back.

Havaianas unisex espadrilles

Nevermore without

If you have never worn a pair of espadrilles and want to insert them in your spring / summer 2020 looks, the Havaianas model is the one for you. Available in many color variations, from orange to the more classic white or black, this model is unisex and you can wear it on many different occasions.

Buy on Amazon


Available in different color variations

The light cotton of the upper part and the platform sole make them perfect to be worn at any time of the day


Attention to the number: it is recommended, in fact, to buy a number more than yours

Exclusively for ASOS

The South Beach brand offers an orange bag in maxi volume with fun fringes on the three side edges : the upper part is open and will allow you to always have everything at hand. In addition, the two side handles are wide enough to allow you to carry it on your shoulder.

ASOS Design, in its new collection of straw bags, also offers the most classic and beloved shopper , in its natural color and in the capacious rectangular format.

To show off (also) in the city

Thanks to the countless looks published by fashion bloggers and influencers, the straw bag, for some years now, can also be shown in the city. Matching it to everyday looks is very simple: you can combine this summer accessory alongside minimal looks, such as the leisure one, or a more elegant outfit like office outfits, where this accessory will dampen their serious tone.

Straw bags to show off even in the city. Source: asos

As for straw city bags, 2020 imposes color : pastel shades are perfect, but there is also room for the most decisive and original nuances.

South Beach creates, exclusively for ASOS, the transparent shopper with round and short bamboo handles: the checked motif, in a shade of green tending to sage, will accompany you all your days. Moreover, thanks to the upper opening you will always have everything at hand.

The & Other Stories brand, on the other hand, offers a crescent-shaped straw bag , declined in a shade that mixes green and blue, very strong and decisive . The upper part closes with a practical zip while the chain shoulder strap can be easily replaced thanks to the hook that closes on one of the two sides.

Joseko straw shoulder bag

Joseko offers a line of fun straw bags that are a must-have. The fruit decorations cover the front of the model, which closes with a hook. The shoulder strap is not removable, but you can always insert it inside the bag and show it off as if it were a clutch. Inside there is a small pocket, and it is lined with a nice pattern with red and white squares.


Available with different embroideries: from hearts to cherries

Lined, inside there is a small pocket

Excellent gift idea!


The shoulder strap is not removable, but you can insert it inside

Straw bags on the catwalks

Straw bags seen on the catwalks of 2020. Source: pinterest

This summer straw bags will be the most loved and sought after accessory . You have certainly already noticed it: there is no boutique, brand or fashion house that has not proposed mini bags, clutches or straw shoppers in the new summer collection. On the catwalks of the most famous brands we have seen them in their most contained and minimal forms, but there is no shortage of extra large and capacious models :

Miu Miu aligns with the trend of the straw bucket , however proposing it in an absolutely chic and feminine version: the handles are round and in resistant bamboo while the logo is highlighted thanks to the contrast created by the brown leather;

the same technique is also used in the Celine home : the brand enriches the simplicity of natural straw by combining brown leather, which covers the upper part and the practical shoulder strap;

in the Loewe house, on the other hand, a shopper in natural material is proposed , where long brown leather handles are applied, always with the idea of ​​creating a contrast between modernity and naturalness.

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