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True timeless, lace is a material that has always been an integral part of the female wardrobe. But for some time now, we see her everywhere, surfing between sensuality and romanticism. Lace is getting a new comeback as we had seen more of it a long time ago, just serving as an embellishment on classic evening dresses for a modern and chic look. Persun invites you to the heart of this seductive trend through the lace evening dresses from its new collection.

Pale pink mid-length evening dress boat neck in lace applique with delicate flowers
Pale Pink Lace Midi Evening Dress

Fabrics without weft or warp, lace is generally made from silk thread, linen, nylon, executed either by hand or by machine by lace makers using points forming arabesques with a serrated edge. Over the centuries its use has diversified and we are far from the time when it was used as a curtain or only for lingerie. From now on, we have more scruples to reveal a little flesh in a material which, far from being vulgar, improves over time and even takes on a very glamorous and chic appearance

bonanza online

No style of evening dress is spared by this game of disguised seduction in which lace plunges us. Ideally reserved for the summer seasons, lace fascinates with its ability to adapt bonanza online to many styles of clothing.

Long two-tone sheath evening dress in lace, adorned with jewels and with bow tie belt

Delicate and feminine, lace wants to be your ally this summer to exacerbate your graceful and baroque side during events such as gala evenings, balls, openings through this magnificent vintage evening dress with round neck and short sleeve.

Short Navy Blue Bodycon Illusion Neck Embroidered Lace Evening Dress
Details of the blue midi evening dress with lace sleeves

In a professional environment, where simplicity and sobriety are de rigueur, lace invites you to think outside the box by betting on an original chic and elegant outfit without falling into extravagance thanks to this superb dark blue evening dress featuring a top embellished with floral lace.

Lace is one of the few materials in which all women, whatever their style, motifz  are found. There is therefore no doubt that this trend can continue over time. In our PERSUN site, we offer many styles of lace evening dresses for you , please feel free to ask your own preference.

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