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Choosing a Colocation Data Center for Edge Computing


Now that you have made the choice to change to colocation, it’s time to search for the best options.

Unless you are in a significant metropolitan area like Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, etc. your options are limited when it comes to deciding on a uk colocation data centre, let alone Edge data centre. Many information centers in smaller market places are almost makeshift in nature. They are not built to be world class data centres.

These retrofitted facilities may have been created by local VARs or system integrators that just lease space and generate a facility. Or they’re a telco that’s converted a POP (Point of Presence) to elevated floor — and flourish, they’re a colocation.

At DC BLOX, we have built Edge data centers using a Tier 3 foundation of design, placed them in under-served Southeastern markets, and connected all of them together through high speed, higher capacity optical networks.

Our long-term plan positions colocation data centers within 150 miles of major metropolitan areas. This gives businesses in those underserved regions the capacity to contact Internet Exchanges and enables near-site Disaster Recovery.

Our data centers are intentionally built close to the Edge integrating high-speed networking with an infrastructure built around security, policies and procedures you want to make your business run 24/7.

Cheap Colocation Uk

Contrary to other colocation suppliers, DC BLOX designed its information centers for higher density workloads, which means you purchase only what you need today, but you need the capacity to scale as you grow. We do not make you buy wasted space to”balance the floor.” With our Cheap Colocation Uk facilities, you can expand power and space because demand exceeds capacity. And, depending on the information centre, you may select out of 48U or 50U lockable cabinets.

It Truly Is About the Network

As a carrier class network provider, DC BLOX provides you choices. That means access to multiple carriers that build to our colocation data centres or using our wholly owned and operated 8.8Tbps optical network. We provide low latency connectivity to Internet Exchanges and cloud ramps through our mesh-protected optical network.

Select from:

Direct Online Access

Ethernet services

Transport of 100G and quicker

Electricity and Security to the People

As a Tier 3 information centre on your Tier Two city, you can rely on DC BLOX for a reliable electricity system that strives for 1.3 PUE’s and employs:

Diverse utility feeds

Power production is N+1 with no less than two (2) fuel suppliers

N+1 UPS systems shield standard A and B side power to your cabinet (we do not charge additional for B side electricity )

100% electricity SLA

N+1 cooling systems

Superior value for electricity use through hot aisle containment on concrete slab

Safety in a Number of Security and Compliance Steps

DC BLOX protects your IT with 24x7x365 manned security with layered physical defense. It follows that we have the necessary internal controls in place that ensure our clients’ information is being handled safely and in accordance with business standards.

Compliance is important to you, your business and us, and that means that you may expect us to safeguard your IT round the clock.

Perimeter lighting and fencing together with monitored CCTV shield against unauthorized campus accessibility.

Security checks visitors inside the building and permits authorized floor access only once checking customer accepted rosters.

Our information hall access requires two-factor authentication and all cabinets lock.

CCTV captures all activity to the cupboard row level.

How Does Your Data Center Operations Measure Up?

Being close to the Edge isn’t enough if the colocation data center isn’t managed correctly. In DC BLOX, we take care of our clients, but our data centers are made for full utility. Besides our visitor reception, seminar rooms and hoteling features like customer cubicles, we’ve put the huge majority of our investment in what matters most to your company: secure power, networking and maximizing our distance to lower your overhead.

Here Is What we do:

Our electric and mechanical staff are employed by use and backed by vendor-certified technicians.

All our equipment is kept to particular manufacturer guidelines.

All of our remote hands staff are workers.

We employ our shift process to all upkeep.

DC BLOX goes beyond providing effective colocation and high-speed networking — particularly in the event of a catastrophe. Our data centers perform as one since they’re linked through our high capacity network, which means you can utilize one of our other data facilities as a Disaster Recovery site, ensuring your company stays continuous.

And, if you’re experiencing explosive data storage growth, DC BLOX Cloud Storage lets you backup and archive your data from in your Server Colocation Uk facility or from your premise-based systems. You could also replicate data from one DC BLOX data centre to another for geographic redundancy.

The managed hosting experts at DC BLOX may also help you build and manage your IT infrastructure. We can design and construct a private cloud environment that is fully managed in almost any of our Tier 3 information centres.


In DC BLOXour company class networking providers bring cloud ecosystems for your door and let you leverage cloud and managed solutions as technology changes. We believe that Tier two markets deserve the same high efficiency, protected colocation providers that power the rise of successful businesses in Tier 3 markets such as Chicago, Ashburn, Dallas and Atlanta. That’s what we’re all about.

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