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Why choose a .org extension?

Initially, the domains using the .org extension referred strictly to non-profit organizations. Over time, the restrictions for those who wanted to use this TLD became more flexible. So now anyone can use a domain name using this extension.

With more than 10 million registered domains, the .org extension is extremely popular and preferred by many organizations. Among them we find: cultural institutions, sports teams, civic and religious organizations, schools, volunteer groups, and many other organizations that want to make known their passions or causes.

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Why choose a .org extension?

Because using this tld you can add an extra confidence to your web address and the brand you present online. Currently available to anyone, globally it is used by organizations that want to present their work, socially or culturally.

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Is .org right for me?

A multitude of communities and nonprofits around the world register domains using the .org extension because it helps them better define their online presence. Millions of websites now use this extension. The fields in which this extension is used are numerous and include: art, education, social, religious, cultural and many others. When you choose to use this extension you are aware from the start that you will mark your online presence much more than you did before.

It’s time to get organized
Humanitarian and charitable organizations already have a name associated with the .org extension. If what you want is to educate your audience about important issues, bring together a group of people who think similarly. You can even set up a fundraising organization. Register a domain that carries the message of your cause.

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Undoubtedly, the .ORG extension remains one of the most trusted, often used as an alternative to .COM. Among those who use it are Google – in order to present their philanthropic efforts, ICANN – the non-profit organization behind the Internet, the Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund.

Through GlobeHosting you can register your domain with the .org extension for the price of 10.99 EUR . Enter the site, register and get ready to build a strong branding for your business.

Regardless of the field of activity in which you find yourself, the hard part is when you want to give a name to your business. It may not be that simple, because you definitely want to find an ideal domain name that represents the values ​​of the business you are developing.

If you haven’t had this problem before, you’ll quickly find that finding a name for the business you run can be a time-consuming and energy-intensive task. However, a representative name can be vital to your business. After all, 77% of consumers buy on behalf of the brand.

Any business that wants to grow as much as possible, must, nowadays, be present online. For this you will need a domain, with a representative name for your activity. You cannot have a website without a domain name.

Just like a street that tells those around you where you live, a domain can help customers reach you directly on the site.

You need a little time to register your domain with GlobeHosting . You can even check the availability of the perfect name you found for your business website. You can check the availability of the name you want to give to your online business here:

domain availability check

If you are still looking for a name, consider 5 tactics to find the ideal domain name for your business.


Think about what you want your name to convey!
Brainstorm to identify potential names for your business!
Choose a simple, short and easy to write and remember name!
Avoid group decisions, but test the name by telling others!
Avoid names that are too literary or specific!

Think about what you want your domain name to convey!

Your company name is an important part of your brand identity. The name will appear on business cards, on promotional materials, not to mention your site.

The domain name should represent the company and the services or products you promote. Service-oriented businesses should consider whether it will be easy for their potential customers to recognize the services they offer.

Even if you work more in the freelancing area and you don’t own a company yet, you should think about creating a brand to dress and present your work.

on’t be afraid, because the .monster extension is among the latest in the list of the latest top-level domains, which allows you to be much more creative than before. The .monster domain has no restrictions, which means that anyone can register it, unlike other domains with specific requirements.

And as we approach the end of October, when scary ideas are everywhere, thanks to the well-known Halloween holiday, we thought it was the perfect time to find out more about this extension on the GlobeHosting blog !

What is the .monster extension?

Given that it’s a relatively new gTLD, there are probably many options waiting for you. So step up and choose a memorable domain name. By choosing other extensions, you will probably have to comply with a longer name or one that simply does not express exactly what you want to convey. You can unleash your creativity with a perfect domain name for the “scary” ideas you want to put into practice and make known on the Internet.

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Unleash the monster!
When you have a bigger idea than can be expressed in words, the monster realm is the ideal choice. You can stand out from your competitors by dominating the market, presenting your products or services as clearly superior to what others offer.

.monster extension

Nowadays, it is essential to stand out with something, especially when you are present online and want to come up with something different from the rest. If you feel that you are the best, show it, .monster proves that you are confident, strong and ready to take the first place in the industry you belong to.

The night is a good candlestick
At least that’s what an old saying from the people says. For many of us, a .monster domain can make us think of huge cars, spitting fire dragons, or other scary monsters. But there are other reasons why you could use this area, even if you are a more peaceful person.

Let’s say, for example, your blog is full of memes, or pictures of cats and dogs. Certainly, .monster will be the domain name that no one expects, given the content of your site. But they will surely remember him. So you can use this extension to surprise your visitors. Turn your brand into something unexpected and unique, much louder than the coolest dragon in the “monsters” category.

.monster GlobeHosting extension

How do I register a domain with the .monster extension?

The easiest way to register a .monster domain is to find the ideal name that matches your brand. Once you have done this, add it to your cart! Complete the registration process! .Monster is now on sale, at a price of only € 2.90, a promotion that expires on December 31, 2020.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that others may have the brilliant idea to register the same domain name. So hurry up so others don’t get ahead of you. If you are ready to unleash the beast that lies in your brand, put your claws on a .monster domain today!

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