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Don’t Get Conned by Using Email


We’re all familiar with using email. It is now a standard communication tool. In business and in our own personal lives it’s the best method to communicate. It’s fast, efficient easy and cheap. It’s possible to use a dedicated email host; the very well-known ones are Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail and AOL. However, there are some other more sinister traits to using email.
Due to this truth that cheap email hosting can easily be installed with instant activation for quite cheap and sometimes free it means you can begin to send email anonymously and immediately. This implies that it is favoured by cyber criminals as a way to make money.
How can using email make cash?

cheap email hosting
Well I am sure you are well aware of SPAM. The actual meaning beingSending Persistent Annoying Messages. That is when you receive an unsolicited email which is frequently trying to sell you something. If the emailer has attained a sale through their messaging they’ve made money.
You can find other kinds of using email that make money but are a lot worse than a part of SPAM asking you to purchase something. There are criminals out there who are using email to con unsuspecting people out of thousands of pounds.They use hastily worded emails to allow it to appear as you’ve won a huge amount of money in a lottery or prize draw.
The Way the email con operates
I am sure that you have received a message which resembles the email at the bottom of this article. The email seems sensible enough and they provide you an internet address where you can get more details. I advise that you do not click on the link they provide as there could be some spyware on the site. The email might only be a method of driving traffic to the infected website with the hope that your computer will get infected with the virus.
The email also asks you to provide all your personal details which is quite worrying as these people may then use the information you have provided to steal your identity to make money. So instead of you winning the prize you are providing the cyber criminals an opportunity to make money from you.
Be very careful when using email. Ensure you use an best email hosting for small business uk¬†accounts that will guard your email accounts from SPAM. If you get a suspicious email you shouldn’t ever click any of the links because you might find the website you’re taken to is a website that will inject viruses onto your PC. This may cause you a great deal of problems including data loss and access to all your personal information, like passwords and files. If you do get a virus in the website you’d then have to get a fantastic PC antivirus software to remove it. .
Some viruses are so destructive they wipe your entire system. That is when it can get pricey as nothing short of a great IT service service will restore your computer. So be very cautious when using email since there are people around who can exploit you to make money.
Example SPAM email criminals use to make money: ….YOU HAVE WON 750,000 Euros
You’ve been awarded 750,000 Euros in the SWISS-LOTTO where email addresses are picked randomly by Software powered by the net during the worldwide website.
Your email address was amongst those chosen this year to the SWISS-LOTTO. You can log on to our site for more details about our Complete lotto promo [they provided a link to a site]
Your email address, attached to Ref number 10, 7, 12, 87,16 99 with Serial number 77-11 drew the lucky Numbers 10, 22, and consequently won the lottery in the “A” Category. In View of this, your 750,000 Euros will soon be released to you by our fiduciary agent situated in Europe.
All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer draw System and extracted from over 300,000,000 companies and individual email addresses.
This promotion takes place annually. For safety reasons email hosting, you’re advised to keep your winning details confidential until your claims is processed and your winning funds remitted to you in whatever way you deem fit to reevaluate your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements.

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