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Benefits of working in the cloud for telecommuting

How to work in the cloud safely?

Working in the cloud implies that the sensitive information of a company or client is not stored on its own servers, but that does not mean that it is not handled securely. To ensure safety, simply follow certain rules or make sure your provider follows them:

Types of services within Cloud Computing

Services Cloud Computing can be divided into three sections:

Software as a service (SaaS)

The client makes use of a program hosted in the cloud , so what concerns maintenance, development, support and operation is the responsibility of the company that offers the service. The Gmail email web service or a CRM are good examples of Software as a Service.

This program or application to work in the cloud is accessible as long as there is an internet connection and, in it, the data management company establishes security and privacy systems for the client’s data. In this mode , neither the operating system nor the infrastructure is controlled.

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Have a trusted storage service: Most Cloud Computing service providers guarantee the protection of your data.

Choosing suitable passwords: Although it seems somewhat irrelevant, most security problems arise from weak passwords.

Use encrypted servers: in this type of service, the information is compressed and encrypted in such a way that it can only be recovered with the password of your administrator.

Maintain an up-to-date antivirus: information leaks can be caused not by the cloud, but by the device that is used to access it.

Do not share everything: you only need to share data that is used collaboratively or that which you need to access from anywhere.

Make backup copies: although the files in the cloud are safe, it never hurts to have your own backup in case the service is interrupted for some reason.

Benefits of working in the cloud for telecommuting

Among the many benefits of Cloud Computing are the following:

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Increased productivity . Instead of meeting a schedule, work is focused on meeting goals.

Better control and coordination of activities . All communications are carried out through the management systems integrated in the cloud, which allows to have a trace of all the tasks.

Information flow optimization . Business communications become concise, direct and agile.

Increased efficiency in meetings . Being punctual and really collaborative, it is possible to correct the work in real time. In addition, these meetings can be recorded and stored in the cloud so that other people have access to them on a delayed basis.

Increased profitability . Added to all the above advantages is less office time, as well as lower operating and material costs, thereby increasing profitability.

Is Cloud Computing inevitable for all companies in the future?

Given the current perspectives on telecommuting and social distancing, something that was seen as a trend in both large companies and SMEs has now become an immediate reality .

With their data stored in the cloud, many companies can promote telecommuting which, regardless of the current pandemic situation, is an excellent option that in many cases not only benefits companies, but also their workers.

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In addition to allowing a better distribution of time between the working day and personal and family life, Cloud Computing reduces the time spent in the office doing nothing, as well as costs, and gives companies greater flexibility of the template. All of this reverts to greater productivity and efficiency .

Working in the cloud is no longer the future, it has become the present thanks to the needs for fast and efficient information management and the digital transformation of companies to adapt to market needs.

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