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Trend of the slit evening dress with veiled effect

Although summer has already passed, the weather is still pleasant in some regions of France and we take the opportunity to perpetuate the life of summer looks in our wardrobes. And precisely speaking of summer looks, one of the most iconic is the slit evening dress. If this piece is obviously the holy grail of sexy and elegance, it must also be recognized that it has been able to renew itself over time by adapting to the desires of women, in order to always remain khaadi sale trendy. One of her latest renewals is the “veiled” slit evening dress. Although the terms “split” and “veil” are usually poles apart, clothing designers have found an original way to combine them without reducing the elegant and refined side that must characterize a dress. evening. If until you do not yet know what we are talking about, we invite you to continue reading this article to find out more.

The “veiled” split dress: what is it?
Black Long Evening Dress Slit Lace Strapless Bustier Heart Embellished Pink Bow Tie
Black Long Evening Dress Slit Embellished Strapless Black Lace Embellished Bow Tie
The timeless and classic slit evening dress is no longer to present. This is this ultra feminine piece that bares a large part of the leg. Omnipresent on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows, it also remains the favorite piece of stars such as Beyoncé, Ciara or Kendall Jenner. If the traditional slit evening dress is very popular with many women, some more timid, however, do not dare to wear it because of its very remarkable and provocative character. And it is precisely for the latter that the effect of the veil has been added to this piece. It is therefore characterized by the use of a transparent material which will attenuate the bare side of the leg. In addition, it brings an ounce of mystery to your attitude while making your appearance more graceful.

The art of wearing the “veiled” slit dress
long burgundy evening dress with slit v-neck plunging backless with crisscross strap
Red Long Slit Evening Dress V-Neck Plunging Back Criss-Cross Strap
Some might think that this veiled effect added to the slit dress could make it lose its sexy character. But in reality, it absolutely is not. It must be said that the veiled effect is obtained thanks to the use of materials such as tulle or lace. What aims to be much more in the suggestion than in the unveiling. And lawn frock design this is precisely the art of being sexy. On the other hand, when you decide to opt for this piece, there is one mistake in particular that should be avoided at all costs: that of wearing stockings under your evening dress . This will make the effect of the veil opaque, and will automatically spoil your style.

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