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The fever tie dye came directly from the 70 to prove it is not just a young fad, stained blouses with this stripped and urban footprint can be part of everyday life of any woman. Keep reading and check out all our tie-dye tips!

The name, in free translation, comes from English: “to tie” (tie) and “to dye” (dye). Tie Dye is a technique for dyeing clothes that leaves them with a hippie pattern, psychedelic and full of colors. During the quarantine she was once again a favorite among bloggers who love a Do It Yourselft (DIY) or do it yourself.

How to wear tie dye looks tie dye

How to make tie dye at home?
Before learning how to use and combine tie dye clothes , know that you can dye your clothes at home to take advantage of this trend. There are several techniques that result in different types of tie-dye , but I will show you the most common.sobia nazir

You will need:

A white T-shirt or any clothes you want to dye;

The first step is to dilute the paint to a shade you want. Today it is being tie dye in pastel colors, marbled in light colors, so it is your preference.

Then just twist the stretched piece clockwise from the center. With the elastic – or the string -, tie the roll forming an X so that the fabric is divided into four parts.

Then, sprinkle a little water on the tied T-shirt and gradually pour the liquids into each divided part, alternating colors to create more fun effects.

Finally, let the piece dry in a dry place, away from the sun and well ventilated until completely dry. Only then cut the ties and wash normally with soap and water, away from other clothes so as not to stain.

how to make tie dye at home


Now that you know how to do this technique at home, know that with this trend gaining more and more strength, you will find pieces of all styles on the market.

For classic women, choose dark-colored patches to match white pants. Want a look up? We always recommend blazer + accessories! Another more sober combination is the shirt with very light spots. Check out some looks for  nishatlinen classic women who want to get into this fashion:

How to wear tie dye looks tie dye

For trendy and casual people, creativity has no limits because there is no rule for using tie dye pieces. With stronger clothes, we recommend combining more neutral pieces, such as a colorful tie dye shirt with basic black pants.

How to wear tie dye looks tie dyeManu Gavassi from the left is largely responsible for bringing the trend to Brazil
For those who already love a trend in bold looks, bet on tie dye sets. A success starring the singer Manu Gavassi , it has that younger look but is perfect for the home-office and is dominating street style around the world.

The cool thing about the set is that you can then use the pieces separately, multiplying the possibilities.

How to wear tie dye looks tie dye

The tiy die does not necessarily have to be on the t-shirt or sweatshirts , despite being the most used pieces with this back in the looks. You will find shorts, jackets, dresses, pants and other pieces to add to your looks in a relaxed way.

And our tip for not making a mistake in the tie-dye look is to combine it with jeans. Hence there is no mistake! The jeans break the hippie pattern and leave the modern look in the right measure. You can wear white, black or standard blue jeans, the focus of the look will be the colored piece and to finish, you can invest in a chain necklace.

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