Do You Know How To Wear Pantyhose To Compose Your Looks?

If there is a piece that is successful, especially when temperatures drop, it is the pantyhose. The item is versatile, brings countless possibilities of looks and can be fitted in practically all productions.

The most interesting thing is that there is an infinite variety of tights, from the invisible classics, to the thickest of 80 thread, even the colorful, geometric and textured ones. Want to make the most of this piece? Follow the article!

How to wear pantyhose with skirts and dresses?

The pantyhose is ideal for transforming that mid-season look into a winter look and goes very well with the different styles of skirts and dresses. Twill, leather, jeans, velvet and suede are some of the fabric options that decorate very well.

In these compositions, the boots form the perfect pair and the result is incredible. It is worth using and abusing the most diverse models, from high boots, to boots and even ankle boots.

Do you know that sweet dress of yours for the hot days? It can very well be combined with pantyhose, trench coat, coat or leather jacket to create a new look.

How to wear pantyhose with shorts?

Shorts can also be combined with pantyhose, from  classic jeans to tailoring to create great combinations. Finally, just add some more wintery items, like the fake fur vests.sapphire online

Pantyhose to create a more formal look?

Anyone who thinks that it is not possible to create a look of work or night events with pantyhose is wrong. However, to achieve a more formal effect, the tip is to opt for the smoked and skin tone models. Finally, opt for high-heeled shoes that have no mistake!

In fact, this is a good bet even for parties on days of intense cold. It is perfect with black dresses as well as other colors. The tip is to balance the pantyhose thread. For lighter fabrics, opt for thinner socks (like yarn 15 and 20). Velvet clothes, for example, decorate better with 80 thread.

Learn how to combine printed tights

Another great trend is the printed pantyhose, from the famous fishnet to the new darlings in polka dots. In order not to be mistaken, it is worth remembering that when the piece carries a lot of information, it is important to balance it with plain clothes and without prints.

The choice may also vary according to the sock model. The checkered print, sapphire online for example, looks better with more classic pieces. The trawler fits very well in a more modern look, with boots and fabrics that imitate leather or vinyl. While lace stockings match a more romantic look, like dresses and cardigans.

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