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The power of infographics in interactive presentations

From static infographics to animated infographics to the highly consumed interactive infographics that go viral in the digital environment. Its virality shows the good reception achieved by this format in recent years.

Infographics, the graphic representation of information, works and it does so because it has the ability to display content in an attractive , visual and schematic way . The characteristics of infographics match the challenge that presentations face: communicate effectively.

Presentations are not a mere formality, when they are made they are done to be consulted, understood and interpreted, not to end up in the bottom of a drawer, or in a remote web link. Help yourself with technology and team up with new formats to generate impact with your presentations . This is where infographics come into play .

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Active receiver: interactivity

To ensure the success of a presentation, the receiver of the message must be involved and the link is interactivity , interactive formats make the receiver an active subject in the process. If you want your presentation to be consumed, that someone read or attend with interest, avoid cumbersome, long and dense presentations. This implies innovation in formats, but also innovation in consultation channels, such as the possibility of creating, sharing and consulting presentations in a mobile application .

Tips for Designers & Developers Working Together to Implement Great UI's |  by Jess Eddy | Medium

As interesting as the content is, the continent counts, a lot . Let’s not forget that 80% of our brain is designed to assimilate and process images. It simply takes less effort than reading text, and it also retains visual information better.

And despite everything, design is still the great pending subject of the presentations. According to The Corporate Agency’s Business Presentations Study , design is, along with a lack of clear messages, poor-quality visuals and an excessive number of slides, one of the most common mistakes in presentations.

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5 tips for creating infographics

Infographics as a format can help you better connect with your presentation audience. The vocation of infographics is didactic, so make it easy for the reader by keeping these five tips in mind:

  1. Select the data , the important ones and interpret them. Get the numbers, the key ideas. You have it? mark them, and work the patterns of a lifetime. Interpretation and context are everything. Remember that data and image work together in a way that explains and helps digest information.
  2. It hierarchizes the information in a coherent way . Structure the content in a way that helps reading.
  3. Colors communicate, help explain the story, and build brand . Keep them in mind because they will help the reader on their journey.
  4. Be creative or team up with one . It helps to digest the data with images and icons that contextualize and explain by themselves the reality that that data contains. Designers come into play here.
  5. Warning to navigators : infographics do not work miracles, they are the presentation format but they need relevant and rigorous information to generate interest.
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And for a sample, a button. Here is an example of an infographic in corporate code: 480interactive: 5 years growing in the mobile apps market .

If you want to make the leap with your presentations and innovate in the format and also in the distribution channel, we suggest you take a look at the inspiration templates to create your own interactive in-app presentations without the need to program a single line of code.



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