The First Steps With Shopify

Today we talk about eCommerce, and more precisely of Shopify, the most used platform in the world, and of dropshipping, the best way to sell products without having to pay for them before selling them.

Shopify is a fully scalable system, and you can therefore earn more based on how much you invest in FB ads and various traffic strategies.

It is a very valid, efficient but also low cost system, and in my Shopify Easy course you will also find out how to use the platform for free until the 51st sale, which I reserve for my customers.

When you decide to open a shop on Shopify,  choose a valid domain name, which is the main keyword of your online shop.

The second step is to add important pages to the site, including the privacy policy, the terms and conditions (which can be found directly on Shopify) and thebout page, which talks about you and why you chose that type of business, of the fact that you take care of customers and that your products are of excellent quality.

Try to answer all the questions you would ask yourself if you arrived on your eCommerce, and to make your visitors feel in a place not only beautiful to see, but which gives a general opinion of a great website.

We need an email and a phone number to be made available to customers, just to give them that sense of security that 95% of all Shopify stores lack. This is a recurring problem, and personally I would never order where I cannot find a contact email for support. For example, for credit cards I use the McAfee service which gives much more security to the end user, also protecting their data when entering and sending to Shopify.

The Best Shopify Apps

Shopify will produce more results if used with the best apps, services that give your store all those functions that have not been integrated on the platform. Let’s see them together.

1 – Hurrify

This app costs $ 7 a month, and is a countdown, a countdown that indicates how long it is left for the customer to buy the product, or in any way to buy it at that discounted price. Very useful.

2 – Pop rooms

Completely free app, it allows you to view previously made sales on screen. Also widely used in online marketing to show the sales of a product, this is an app that you can not really do without on your store.

3 – Spin-a-Sale

Even though it costs around $ 9.95 per month, Spin-a-Sale is truly phenomenal for building a list of users interested in your products. In practice, when someone enters the site they are offered the opportunity to spin a roulette to win a prize, a discount. You will obviously decide the chances he has of winning, and what percentage discount. To spin the wheel, he must enter his email.

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