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Wamp Server Installation

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Hello, Izmir web design followers. In this article, we clarify the problem of running php locally and running wordpress locally , which is one of the most curious questions of those who have just started in web design and wordpress .

In fact, these two sentences are not different from each other. WordPress system also written a PHP CMS (Content Management System) that is the Turkish name of the Content Management System ‘is. All projects written in PHP need a library to be able to work on computers with windows and mac operating systems. These operating systems can only compile and make sense of PHP files with the help of this library. The hosting services we need to run a website, a wordpress blog on the internet have the same libraries for our sites.

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In this article, we will talk about how to install PHP software developments, a wordpress , joomla and similar cms system or how to install localhost, which is necessary to run a php script on our own computer.

While developing PHP applications, running scripts or installing wordpress, we also need a database. The mysql database, which is also used by WordPress and is the most used database with PHP, will be installed on our computer with these installations.

Installing localhost on our computer is not as difficult as it seems. There are two programs for windows and one for mac, which are the most used to perform this process. These; It is wamp server , xamp server , mamb server . Downloading and running one of these programs and then completing the installation by performing the necessary steps will make us a localhost owner and finally allow us to be able to run PHP files on our computer.

In this article, we will discuss the wamp server installation and use of the programs we talked about.

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1 Wamp Server Installation

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Wamp Server Installation

First of all, we download the wamp server setup program to our computer. We run this downloaded application setup file and start the installation.

In the first stage of the installation, we choose the language.

We approve the license agreement and continue.

We take a look at the information part and continue.

We specify the directory where the program will be installed. You do not need to make changes in this section. You can say continue this way.

And we start the setup.

Wamp Server says it will use Internet Explorer as the browser. If you want to choose a different browser, you can choose it in this section.

In the same way, you can make your editor selection here.

If you have passed these steps, you have successfully completed the installation.

Now that you have completed the wamp server setup, you can run all php files on your computer, or you can install wordpress in localhost if you wish .

Using Wamp Server

After installing localhost with wamp server, you will see that a folder called wamp64 is created in the C drive. (This directory and names may vary with the names specified during the installation phase) After you go to the relevant place, you will see such a directory:

The www folder in this directory is the home directory of your localhost. You will be able to access all the files you add here by typing http: // localhost into your browser . Let’s examine in detail what is meant.

Let’s open the www folder in the wamp directory . We will encounter a number of files and folders.

These files are created by the wamp server. Let’s see these files in working order. To do this, open your browser and type http: // localhost / in the address line .

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If you see such a window, you don’t have to worry. Everything is OK. The reason you get this error is because the wamp server is not active. When the wamp server is active, you will see a green wamp server logo among the icons in the lower right corner. Run the Wamp server by clicking its shortcut or by selecting it from Start> Programs> Wamp Server . When you start the wamp server, a red wamp icon will appear in the lower right corner, next to your computer clock. This icon will be yellow and then green respectively. When it is green, it means everything is fine and your wamp server is working.

Refresh your carrier and view what’s happening on your localhost.

So far everything is fine. You can now write PHP codes and install wordpress. Let’s explain how to use your localhost with a final example.

Now go back to your www folder and delete the contents. Then add a folder named bt and create a file called index.php in it. Open this file and add the following code into it.

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