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Chosen hosting firm, paid server, am I ready to begin earning money online?

In theory, yes, you’re. However, it is a great deal more than a very simple cake recipe. You will outsource a service, but it will act as the front part of the business. Your clients will not know that the server is from another firm, therefore it’s crucial that you do professional work to keep high validity.
And as authenticity is among the most important matters when closing a deal, you do not want your brand burned, do you?
So, hire a company that offers quality servers, but concentrate on your client’s experience. Always indicate the top paths for your client, help in whatever is necessary, so that you can increasingly professionalize your best email hosting uk service.
Manage your company’s fiscal
To do it, you must use billing software. To manage your clients’ accounts for a reseller, you may use WHM. But, we recommend that you use different software to look after the fiscal part. CPanel itself may indicate you.
Collection software

WHMCS: this software will perform the gestation, fiscal administration and provision of assistance. This program will automate the tasks for both you and your client, making the business much more practical and quick.
Through WHMCS you can send statements, automate domain and email hosting purposes, renew and register domains and analyze some information. There are three plans available you could hire at WHMCS, you can check them on their own website here.
You can also select Blesta to automate your charging system. It’s an interface that’s very easy to handle and understand. What is more, with Blesta, you can access reports to determine how your”business” is doing.
Payment Procedures
All these modules may be used. You just have to examine and understand which is the most suitable for your kind of business.
CPanel, what is it?
It’s the control panel that your customer will function on his website. Through ithe can disable and enable acts, create email accounts and other types of tasks with an administrator role.
However, in order to allow the customer in order to get this”administrator” function and to be able to perform all these tasks, you as a reseller need to make an account before that. And to make an account, you need to create a WHM bundle.
How does WHM work?
It is the control panel where you, the freelancer, will handle your customers’ accounts. With it you can suspend, delete, create, and execute upgrades and downgrades of your customers’ accounts at any moment. Through this panel you control everything, being the general administrator.
How do I access WHM?
You can access the board in three different manners:
1 – Place in the address : / whm *

* Important to be aware you can only use this technique when our DNS server has been the recipient of your domain name.
Two – Put in the address tab: seuip / whm *

3 – Or the next manner, entering directly through your cPanel, in the choice highlighted below:
WHM package, exactly what exactly is it and how do I create one?
Bundle is your strategy that your client hired. In this bundle, you, as a freelancer, decide what the client can and cannot do, which support he’s absolutely free to use and what is included and what is not.
It’s by creating this package that you decide the GB that the customer can use, the number of domains and subdomains he could have, how many email accounts he can create, etc.. Beneath you can see how simple it is to create a bundle through the WHM panel:
Detail which you can provide your bundle any name you want. Much like WebLink we have Gold personal email hosting such as.
It is very important to remember that the amount of GB you make available to this customer can’t be employed by you. Thus, think carefully when moving over the space according to the amount of clients you have.
Time to Make the accounts
Alright, you managed to create a package, so it is time to make a new account for your clients. To do so is easy, just go to the Account functions option and then go to Create a new account, as detailed below:

After you get to this option, you have to fill in all client information, ranging from the domain, to the creation of a password. Done filling, time to set the client in the specified package. And thus the procedure goes on for the rest of the customers. From that point you only need to go on administering and supplying support, based on the plan you purchased. See how simple it is?
Changing my password to access WHM
Just get into the WHM control panel and then go to the Change password option and then Account function. Below you can see an example.
Changing a client’s password to get cPanel
To modify your customer’s access password into cPanel, you need to get into your WHM panel and visit the option highlighted under List account. Click on it and proceed to Change password.
Ready, package created, account created and you already know how to change passwords. Just be professional and serve your customer in the best possible way. All this is made much easier with the practicality of WHM.
Can you know what DNS is?
Or in great Portuguese, the domain name system? They are accountable for identifying and translating the IP’s to the addresses we type in our browser.
Envision some of your favourite websites, which you access every day. Now imagine these websites do not have a name like””, but a series of numbers you need to memorize in order to get them daily. It would be tiring and boring, would not it?
And that’s what DNS is for, to facilitate this access by deciphering IP numbers.

With this, customers will not understand that their website is hosted by a website hosting company, but with you, the middleman of the circumstance, leaving your professional work.

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