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10 things we learned from the Invention of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers.


The Creation of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers movie documentary gives a fascinating look behind the scenes of this critically acclaimed expansion.
Around seven episodes, the series looks at everything, by writing the narrative to building the conflicts. It is full of fascinating insights and anecdotes direct from the developers themselves.
Here only 10 of the things it has taught us:
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The writers wanted to challenge basic assumptions of light and dark

Traditionally, light and darkness are presented in a given way in fiction, which was also true of ffxiv world status Online. Even within the game’s development team, light equaled justice and darkness equaled evil.
For Shadowbringers, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida wanted to challenge and subvert these assumptions.

He states:”When people consider Light, they believe of something beautiful, righteous and just; something that’s pretty to look at, unstained and untainted, but that is not necessarily correct.
And if you look at Darkness, there’s beauty in it there’s a line of dialogue that talks about how it’s the nighttime sky that permits the stars to be beautiful.”
2. The First was heavily influenced by the Actual world
Shadowbringers moves out the action of Hydaelyn right into a whole new realm: The First. It may seem a fantastical setting, but lots of the areas you explore were deeply inspired by actual locations.
For example, on a business visit to Saudi Arabia, the group took the chance to visit the desert and shoot some photos while they were there. The design and textures of Amh Araeng take several direct cues from this reference substance.
Elsewhere, The Rak’tika Greatwood’s Ronkan Ruins were inspired by Angkor Wat – a massive temple complex in Cambodia – while the primitive shore of Kholusia were influenced by the Seven Sisters in the United Kingdom.

Making the Everlasting Light look exactly right took effort… and travel

FFXIV data centre

How do you make light feel oppressive? This was among the biggest visual design challenges for your Shadowbringers devs, and it required a lot of time and thought to generate the light feel right.
Every part of the weather conditions was believed. By way of instance, Background Artist Masato Shida worked on the clouds – and moved to some lengths to make them as good as he could.
“I decided I needed to depict clouds that felt as though it had some thickness to them,” he remembers. “To do this, I decided to take reference photos of different kinds of clouds.
I really went out of Japan to Guam to shoot pictures of the various clouds , and they have been very rich, thick clouds. It was those I used and modified to create exactly what you see from the game.”
Now that’s dedication!
In Regards to Shadowbringers style, capes are in
Due to the way ffxiv data center split Online is set up, the group is not really able to create cloaks and capes. They’d announced this publicly before, and stressed it to the art group.
But you’ll see that new equipment for your Red Mage includes what seems suspiciously like… a cape. That is because Character Concept Artist Ayumi Namae created an idea to make something that at least looked like you.
Even though there was a chance it wouldn’t seem right, Character Artist Yuji Yamazaki and staff decided to roll the dice and see what they can perform.
He states:”While it may not have appeared very realistic compared to a real cape, there was a notion that there for us to fudge it!
I believed about the functionality we already have in our clothes designs and informed Ms. Namae that while I could not create any guarantees, I might see a way to give it a move that may get the job done.”
By borrowing from additional’flowing’ components like skirts or hems, Mr Yamazaki was able to create a similar impact with cloaks. They don’t move in their such as a true cape does, but it mimics the effect pretty brightly.
The monsters were designed to highlight the game’s themes

The programmers of Shadowbringers wanted the animals of The very first to play to the themes of subverting the traditional role of light vs darkness.
This was really challenging, but the results of the approach can be viewed clearly in the Sin Eaters. Their crude white coloring refers back to traditional representations of mild, but it also fees unnatural and visually striking, which makes it possible for the designs to have a great deal of impact.
In among those pivotal early scenes in Shadowbringers players experience a Sin Eater. Lead Character Concept Artist Yusuke Mogi clarifies how the layout also blatantly subverts traditionally calm iconography:
“She has wings evocative of a white dove, a creature that’s traditionally representative of peace.
So it makes it interesting since you have these white-winged monsters and then in comes this depraved Warrior of Darkness slashing and beating them”
The Voidwalker manager was designed as a mount

The Voidwalker boss which appears within the Eden’s Gate raid is one of the most striking bosses in Shadowbringers, but it was not originally supposed to be one.
When Mr Mogi got the petition, he thought it had been meant to be a bracket. Because of this, his initial design was just like a bird, putting down so gamers could climb on top to ride.
So when the developers implemented it as a boss fight, and standing vertical no less, it had been rather a surprise to the artist!
7. Some of the audio requests were… unconventional
We have previously mentioned figuring out the way to portray the transformation of a person to a Sin Eater was a pretty tricky task, but there’s one frequently overlooked element that was especially challenging.
The horror of this shocking transformation is driven home by the sound, but the developers who worked on the spectacle had to contend with some quite strange leadership.
“The instruction we received concerning the sound was essentially’fairly vomit’, which led to the individual assigned to using the noise being confused!” States Sound Designer Move Kinuya.
“Well, ultimately we were able to find out a remedy that appeared to work for everybody, however I do remember there were quite a few tricky places when working on it.”
So in the event that you’ve ever wondered exactly what pretty vomit sounds just like, now you understand.
8. The gremlin in the opening picture was voiced by a man hiding in a closet

The entire world of ffxiv data centres on the internet is full of weird creatures, and several need some sort of voice that is distinctive. It’s up to the sound team to make them, but sometimes even they can be flummoxed.
The gremlin from the opening cinematic to Shadowbringers is just one such instance. Sound Director and Composer Masayoshi Soken assigned the task of creating its voice into a junior member of the team, who tried various things but nothing else seemed to work.
Mr Soken recalls that:”At the end, because of last-ditch attempt, he went home over the weekend, shot a hand recorder and moved to his closet to discreetly record what he believed a gremlin may sound like, while trying to not disturb the rest of his loved ones at home. It was surprisingly good!
“We did modify the voice quite a lot of course, but it’s my colleague’s voice that we utilized.”
The behaviour of Trust System NPCs is defined by their own personalities.
When creating the Trust system, it was significant to the group that each NPC’s characters shone through – not just in their dialog and appearance but in their activities too.
This was shown to be rather hard, and the staff has to think long and hard about the way to emphasize the particular characteristics and quirks of all the AI itself. Each character had to act in a means which was consistent with how they’d been portrayed in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online so far.

“Though Alisae gets the ability to utilize the Vercure healing magics, it feels like her personality will skew towards prioritizing attacks and only have her measure in with the cure spells once the healer is having difficulty.
“Attempting to show these nuances within the AI system was definitely a struggle.”
10. How did the NieR raid series come about? Thank steak and wine
It’s a cooperation with NieR series Producer Yosuke Saito and Director YOKO TARO, it however how can something like that even get started?

“Simply put, I wanted to do anything with Saito-san and YOKO-san, so I encouraged them out for supper without any sort of context,” states FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida.
“We went and ate a yummy steak and after opening about two bottles of white and red wine every day, I chose to ask’would you like to work on something with me? ”’
YOKO TARO adds:”We’re very drunk at that time, so I don’t have any recollection of what took place.”

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