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The main types of cloud backups are these:

Full backup. The backup is applied to all data and files that are selected, and future backups, from that moment on, are also reapplied to all the selected information.

Incremental backup . It is similar to the full copy, since the backup applies to all the selected content. The difference is that future copies will no longer be all data and files from 0, but only those that have been added, modified or updated since the last copy.

Differential backup. This is similar to incremental copy. The difference is that the incremental will always save the new or modified files in relation to the last copy of any type , while the differential will save the new or modified files since the last full copy .

Mirror backup. The mirror backup seeks to create an exact replica of all data and files. It is like a complete copy, but with the difference that no compression or encryption process is applied to the saved content. The objective of this type of backup is to offer a very fast availability of the information, although, as it is a replica, if some original data is deleted by mistake or by attack, the data of the mirror copy will also disappear.

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4) Select a storage and backup service in the cloud

In the market there are multiple service providers for storage and backup in the cloud , among which are Amazon S3 Glacier , Azure Backup , IBM Cloud Backup , Google Cloud SQL and Google Backup and Sync .

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Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a comparative analysis between the different solutions for cloud backups based on their prices and capacities, but especially on your business objectives.

On the other hand, if you want to use cloud storage only to save some type of backup and you don’t need a specialized online backup service , you can use the basic solutions of Google Drive and Dropbox.

Google Drive plans and pricing for cloud storage

Google Drive cloud storage solutions for businesses are available through Google Suite, which offers Business (€ 9.36 per month) and Enterprise (€ 23 per month) plans . Both have unlimited space for cloud storage or 1TB if used by less than 5 users.

The differences between Google Drive Business and Google Drive Enterprise are found in the rest of the complementary services belonging to Google Suite.

Dropbox plans and pricing for cloud storage

Dropbox cloud storage solutions for business are available through the following plans:

Dropbox Professional: 3 TB of storage for $ 19.99 per month.

Dropbox Standard: 5 TB of storage for $ 15 per month.

Dropbox Advanced : Unlimited storage space for $ 25 per month.

Additionally, there is the Enterprise plan, whose prices are only offered directly by the Dropbox sales team.

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5) Check the status of cloud backups

Once the backups in the cloud are finished, it is necessary to verify that they have been created correctly . To do this, it must be verified that the data has not suffered any type of corruption during encryption and that there is no duplicate or even deleted data in the stored copy.

Similarly, it must be verified that the cloud platform and that the backup files are available and 100% operational, in order to anticipate possible inconveniences when wanting to access the backup to restore it or to consult the data in time. real .

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In short, cloud backups are an indispensable resource for all types of companies. These ensure business continuity and protect the organization’s digital assets. However, creating backups is a delicate process, so it is important to have an IT department or cloud service provider with the experience, knowledge, and technologies necessary to ensure the highest quality backup .

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