The advantages of the paper agenda in the electronic age

Many believe that no one uses it anymore, that it is a “prehistoric” product and that it has no use, yet the paper agenda also resists in the digital age. In recent years the sale of diaries has increased; there will be a why, don’t you think?

Almost intimate staff

The paper agenda is a help, how to say, “respectful”: no intrusive notifications, no disturbing sounds when you are having breakfast with your child, no need to interrupt when you are talking to your wife or client: the paper agenda can stay “in its place” and wait for you to choose to consult it. And on the other hand, the sense of responsibility certainly does not arise from the latest technological support.

So why not think of concentrating on what we are doing, on the gaze of the person with whom we are talking, and devote a time decided by us to consult our agenda, without rings and various notifications?

Sometimes, we are so intoxicated with technology that we risk the collapse at the mere idea of ​​losing the phone. The paper agenda frees the mind, that’s why it survives, indeed it thrives, even in the digital age.

Your world entrusted to paper

What is written on the paper diary is forever, remains.

Think of the school diary, that diary where everything was written: commitments,   sentences, drawings, images and much of our life.

The paper agenda reminds us and reconstructs what we have done and, in a time in which everything escapes and vanishes, helps us to keep track of us, of a part of our feeling that we have entrusted to paper.

Synapse training

Writing with pen and paper keeps the mind trained and facilitates memorization, helps to focus priorities and become responsible for them.

It therefore seems that the time of retirement of the paper agendas is far to come. Do you want to put the emotion of touching, writing, scribbling, erasing on paper? And if the agenda is from Apis Italia, you can customize it with your logo.

Five advantages of using electronic money



What is electronic money?

Advantages of using electronic money

Do not get lost…

We have already announced that Italy will encourage the use of card payment as a measure to reduce tax evasion in the country. However, this is only one of the five advantages of using electronic money. Cash, although still in the lead, is gradually losing ground as a user-preferred payment system.

What is electronic money?

According to the European Central Bank, electronic money is a monetary value used for Internet transactions . It is an electronic substitute for the notes and coins that we know. In addition, this type of money is characterized by archiving on electronic media.

There are entities authorized to issue electronic money, called Electronic Money Entitie s (EDE), which are obliged to issue them at face value and this must be accepted as a means of payment by companies other than the issuer.

Leaving aside the debate on whether cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (decentralized virtual currencies) are considered electronic money or not, it should be noted that this is a very broad concept that includes any payment system that involves an electronic medium .

Therefore, depending on the medium used, it is possible to distinguish between the money connected to the card and the money of the software .

The first concerns payment instruments based on a card which generally tends to be a rechargeable prepaid card . Example: Bitsa Card , where the money is deposited in one of the EDE authorized in Spain and other European countries. Discover the benefits of a prepaid card without a bank account .

For its part, the second type, electronic money stored in a software format, allows transactions to be carried out without requiring additional software or hardware. E.g .: wallets or virtual wallets .

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