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What are WordPress themes and how to use them?

Differences Between and

What is and how to use it

# is a platform for creating an account and creating a site with this account. There are several plans, free and paid. In fact , one of the factors that distinguishes from and causes it to be preferred is that allows you to own a site without paying any fee. However, when you create a site in the free version it will not go further than a blog. Google+, Tumblr etc. it is similar to creating an account on a platform. However, an advantage is that the site created can be made professional in the future by upgrading the plan or moving to

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# Another reason for choosing is that it allows you to open and manage a blog without having any knowledge about coding, wordpress and domain / hosting management .

# hosting service (hosting) on ‚Äč‚Äčtheir own servers. When a new site is added, this service can be used with a specified address such as or a redirected domain.

# Although creating a new site on seems very easy and tempting as it is free, there are actually some differences here. Even if one of the pro versions is preferred when a site is created on, features such as theme and plugin usage can be used in a limited way. Besides, which has thousands of plugins and themes, has hundreds of plugins and themes. You can also benefit from the hosting service in a limited way.

From my article titled How to Open a Blog , you can learn all the details about creating an account, adding and managing a site on

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What is How to use?

# is an organization that requires a little bit of coding knowledge, a little bit of knowledge on domain and hosting management, but in the end you can do anything you want, offering you unlimited possibilities. We talked about creating a membership at, adding and managing a site to our account in minutes. While doing this, we didn’t need a hosting. With the situation is a little different. The latest version of wordpress is downloaded from and installed on hosting. In this process, it is not longer than 10 minutes for those who actually know how. After the WordPress installation is complete, thousands of themes and thousands of plugins will be at your service. With the help of this theme and plugins, it is possible to realize the project in your mind.

# also has free themes and plugins. However, in case you need to use professional themes and plugins suitable for your business, you can find thousands of plugins and themes already written and available for sale. Since WordPress is an open source system, you can also request software experts on the market to write themes and plugins that are suitable for your business.

#We have mentioned a tempting side of being free. However, when we think logically, will actually be a much better choice. Because,’s free plan is limited to certain features and will not be able to meet your requests after a while. Likewise, I can say that their paid plans are often not enough. However, while provides the opportunity to do everything you imagine, it only costs domain and hosting when you start using it at the basic level. This is a cost of approximately 150 TL. In fact, there is not much difference between them in terms of money. However, there is a gap between what you can do. In order to choose, let’s say again that you need to have some knowledge after paying for domain and hosting costs.

What Do WordPress Themes Do? How to use?

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What are WordPress themes and how to use them?

# In the image above, you see the setting screen of one of the most used themes, wordpress impreza theme . After the theme was installed, a section called “Impreza” was added to the wordpress admin panel and menus that allow us to use the features of the theme were created.

In this article, I will not go into more detail about theme settings. In the continuation of my WordPress article series, you will be able to find all the details about the use of wordpress themes .

If you want to handle the theme selection and purchasing process yourself, you should be informed about the theme selection. Finding the most suitable theme for your business and the project you have in mind will keep you away from extra operations.

In addition, when choosing a theme, you should also consider SEO compatibility and fast operation.

I suggest you to review my article on WordPress theme purchasing, installation and settings .

What Are WordPress Plugins For? How to use?

Hoping you have some idea about WordPress themes, I want to talk about plugins now. WordPress is software with rich plugins . Plugins are small software that we need on our site. If you say what these software are, for example, you want to use a live support system on your site and there is no such feature in the theme you purchased. Or you need someone to guide you for your SEO operations (such as a sitemap etc.) and you have no idea about these issues. Don’t worry, is full of plugins ready to assist you!

Plugins are shared on, just like themes, with both paid and free options. Usually included in the free version of every paid plugin. These free versions help you get familiar with the plugin. Of course, some features are restricted compared to the pro versions.

An important point to know about add-ons is that they should not be installed unnecessarily. Because the add-ons you install on your site unnecessarily can cause slowdowns in the opening and running speed of your site, and also unreliable add-ons may cause your site to be damaged. For this reason, before you download a plugin, I recommend you to review the comments made about it or test it on a wordpress site that you set up on your localhost and use it for your trials.

For detailed information about plugin installation, setup and usage, you can check my next article , wordpress plugin setup .


What are WordPress themes and how to use them?

While making the definition of WordPress, we said that it is a blog and page content management system with its blank download. In other words, an empty wordpress downloaded from and installed on hosting contains add / manage pages and add / manage posts (categories, tags and comments) functions. Each version of WordPress also includes themes that come with the initial setup. Of course, these themes are quite simple and straightforward.

Well, you have a corporate company and you want to make a site with wordpress. Or you are doing a real estate brokerage business and want to share your portfolio. Or let’s say you want to create a rich content blog rather than an ordinary blog. In all such cases, it is possible to benefit from wordpress’s themes. Many of these themes (functionally rich ones) are of course paid. However, it is possible to find themes that are available for free.

Right after the purchased / downloaded theme is added to the wordpress site, you can observe that the theme adds something to the wordpress management panel. Each theme installed has its own rich setting screen. So if you have purchased and installed a wordpress real estate ad theme, it will be automatically added to your management panel in an extra section where you can add your real estate ads. Many wordpress themes contain tools that offer rich settings and extra features. This makes it easier to shape and manage your website. While doing all these, you do not need much coding knowledge. In some cases, I make a footnote that coding knowledge may be required!

A misunderstanding among people is that when a theme is purchased, everything is assumed to be taken care of. In other words, when a real estate advertisement theme is purchased and established, the idea that you will have a site like is wrong. As I said before, a theme has its own characteristics and these features may not meet your expectations exactly. For this reason, you may have to make some interventions to the theme. At this point, the need for coding and software knowledge may come into play or you may have to apply for an expert support.

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